Solar 101: How Much Maintenance Do Solar Panels Require?

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Have you recently had a residential solar panel system installed? Are you uncertain about what kind of maintenance is required to ensure that your system continues to function optimally? Follow our simple guide to the required maintenance of solar panel installations fitted on residential properties. 


Keep a Regular Maintenance Schedule 

If you’re worried about the amount of maintenance that you’ll have to perform on your solar panels, you can rest assured in the fact that most solar panel systems do not require intensive maintenance. Because of their durable design and build, solar panels are quite light on maintenance. That said, there are a few things you should be mindful of. 


Keeping a regular maintenance schedule is the best way to guarantee that your solar panels will continue to function as they should. Obstructions of any kind are one of the biggest threats to consistent energy production. This means that you should clean off your solar panels every few months to make sure that no dirt or other particles are blocking the panels from the sun. 

To properly clean your panels of dirt, grime, and debris, point a regular hose upward and direct the water down onto the panels. Allowing water to strike the panels from above creates an effect similar to rainfall. It also places less pressure on the physical components of the panels. 


Stay Ahead of Potential Problems 

As with many aspects of homeownership, taking preventative measures to avoid potential problems is always a wise approach. Solar panels are no exception. Make sure that your solar panels are not being blocked by any sources of shade, because this can lead to decreased energy production. Be aware of any major storms or inclement weather conditions that threaten to move debris onto your solar panels. Furthermore, some severe weather conditions can even cause damage to your mounting system and panels, so always be on the lookout. 


Because solar panels are immobile, they are less liable to break down like a machine that uses moving parts. However, their stationary nature makes it important to maintain regular check-ups on their physical state and performance. By remaining alert to any potential issues with your panels, you give yourself the best chance of solving them in a timely, productive manner. 


Use Technology to Automate Maintenance Processes 

Most modern residential solar panel installations offer a few key technologies that make maintenance a bit easier for the owner. First and foremost, you can use the flashing lights on your inverter to ensure that your electricity use is being accurately tracked and monitored. These lights will look different depending on your setup, but the company that installed your panels should be able to offer guidance on any questions that come up. 


Many residential solar panel systems also offer the addition of a wall mount panel that tracks relevant information from your solar energy system. These displays can show you how much energy is being used in the home, how much is being stored on a battery, and more. Keeping track of this data can be a helpful way to easily recognize if anything goes amiss. 


Ask for Help If You Need It 

Finally, you should never be afraid to reach out and ask for help from your solar energy company. Most companies offer a wide range of warranties and support that serve as an extra layer of security when it comes time to perform the necessary maintenance on your system. The next time you’re unsure of anything, reach out and talk to your solar energy provider for more information. 


Maintaining your residential solar energy installation is easy when you follow these simple tips. 


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