Solar Panel FAQ

Solar Panel FAQ

How much does solar power cost? What is net metering? Do you need to worry about the efficiency of your solar panels during inclement weather? There are a lot of questions that Martha’s Vineyard residents may have about solar power. Our solar panel FAQ is here to answer some of the most common.


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Discover the numerous benefits of solar, including reduced carbon footprint and long-term cost savings. Harness the power of the sun with our expert solar installation.

Our residential solar installation services offer homeowners sustainable energy solutions, reducing utility bills and reliance on the grid.

Explore the aesthetic and functional benefits of solar canopies and pergolas, providing shade and renewable energy for your outdoor spaces.

Learn about the innovative features and benefits of solar shingles, offering a sleek and integrated alternative to traditional solar panels.

Discover how our commercial solar installation services help businesses reduce operating costs and demonstrate environmental leadership.

Explore the benefits of solar for non-profit organizations, providing sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions for community-focused initiatives.

Understand the functionality and benefits of a grid-tied solar system, allowing you to generate and use your own solar energy while staying connected to the grid.

Discover the importance of a solar battery backup in maintaining power during outages and optimizing energy usage with stored solar energy.

Explore the benefits of ground-mounted solar panels for optimal sun exposure and flexibility in installation locations.

Learn about our commercial financing options, providing businesses with accessible pathways to invest in sustainable energy solutions.

Discover our flexible residential financing solutions, making solar energy accessible and affordable for homeowners.

Explore the various solar panel structures we offer, including canopies, pergolas, shingles, and ground-mounted systems, tailored to your specific needs.

Learn about the environmental impact of solar energy and its role in promoting sustainability.

Discover the key factors to consider when selecting a solar installation company, including experience, expertise, and customer satisfaction.

Understand how solar installations reduce reliance on traditional energy sources, providing a more sustainable and secure energy future.

Do you have a question that wasn’t answered in our solar power FAQ? Then call us today! We’re happy to help anyone near Edgartown, MA or any of the surrounding areas. 

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