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Harvest Sun Solar combines affordable pricing with the highest solar industry certifications and a 20-year track record offering custom design & fine craftsmanship to Martha's Vineyard homeowners. We offer solar energy system installations, solar-powered water heating and solar systems repairs and optimizations to homeowners and businesses. We also design and build solar-optimized structures. We are a solar contractor and more!

Did you know that a solar electric system can actually put money in your pocket?

In fact it's the most painless way to reduce your environmental impact.

When solar's energy savings are combined with installation tax credits and long-term financing, the result can be a net positive monthly cash flow. We can show you how.



...on a tight income and fixed budget (Help is available!)

...looking to reduce their energy bills.

...and business owners who have been told solar won’t work for their structure.

(We have developed innovative installation ideas for you.)

...looking for a hassle-free & affordable way to reduce their environmental footprint.


...that are looking to reduce operating costs.

(Solar provides a 17-22% ROI.)

...with a green directive.

(Solar is a perfect fit.)

...who already use the power of the sun for their operation

(like farms and nurseries.)


We help you save!

Current government incentives for solar installations make this the best time ever to purchase a solar system!

The benefits include:

  • Monthly energy savings (over $100 in many cases)
  • Tax credits totaling 30% of the purchase price
  • Increased property value (an average $17,000 increase)
  • A home that sells more quickly(an average 20% more quickly according to industry research)
  • The opportunity to earn Solar Credits and sell them back to the utility
  • The knowledge that you are contributing to a cleaner environment

Harvest Sun Solar's background as a Martha’s Vineyard Solar Installer

Our founder is a long-standing general contractor who sees the true benefits and the vast potential for harnessing solar energy that provides a cutting edge solution for not only "going green" and "saving the planet" but also providing people and families with a cost effective way that helps them save their hard-earned money by pumping power back into the grid and getting paid for it! That is why he decided to devote himself & his company to provide cost effective solar installations on Martha’s Vineyard. He witnessed firsthand how in the battle of value vs. cost, the value of solar installation won every time as the best option for homes or businesses, regardless of their location and type of structure. And, because we’re your Martha’s Vineyard solar contractor, rather than a faceless global entity, we pass on savings, outstanding customer service and the accessibility of a small company, but still offer the innovation and scope of services you can expect from the larger firms.

Harvest Sun Solar Makes switching to solar easy & Hassle free!

Think making the switch to solar is difficult? Think again.

We take care of everything as your turnkey provider of solar solutions. From explaining your solar options through financing and installation, we are your point of contact every step of the way. Our resources are at your disposal.

Want to Know How Much Your Solar Solution Will Save?

It really helps for us to see your electric bill.

We know that’s an unusual request, but it’s the only way we can analyze your power usage and answer your million dollar question, “how much can I save by going solar?” It’s also the way we can give you the most accurate proposal for a system that would work best for your home or building.

Please upload an image of your electric bill by clicking on the upload button on the free online solar evaluation form at the bottom of this page.
No strings attached, no obligation, and it stays between you and us.

This enables us to provide you with the most accurate information we can based on your individual situation. Thank you!

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Our Free Online Solar Evaluation

We don't even need to come to your house.

Using nothing but a scan of your current electric bill, our certified solar technicians will use satellite imaging to determine the roof orientation along with other technical factors. They will also calculate the number of solar panels your home will accommodate. This will give you an idea of the savings on your electric bill and the tax credits you will qualify for.

For a more precise savings estimation, we will have one of our solar technicians come out to your residence so they can calculate a very accurate estimation using a the latest solar evaluation technology on the market. Our hand-held electronic tool measures the available solar energy by day, month, and year with the press of a button by determining the shading patterns of a particular site as well as any obstructions that will negatively affect a solar systems efficiency.

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Sean was very hands on while also having a good eye for design and aesthetics. More importantly it was a complicated addition that spanned the entire structure requiring a meticulous focus on detail in order to properly execute the design intent. While monitoring the progress from New Jersey, I had the confidence to know that the construction was in good hands with his firm.  Sean and his crew were always on time and the quality of workmanship was excellent.  I highly recommend Sean if you are considering any future construction projects.  Please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss his abilities further. 
Paul R. Swartz, A.I.A., NCARB, CEO for USA Architects

Paul R. Swartz, A.I.A., NCARB, CEO for USA Architects