Benefits of Solar

What Are the Benefits of Solar Panels?

Renewable energy is the way of the future, and solar power is one of the best options. But whaare the benefits of solar panels? Are they really as good as everyone says they are? At Harvest Sun Solar, we’re here to help answer that question and educate the community of Martha’s Vineyard about the benefits of solar power. 

Renewable Energy is the Best Way to Help the Environment

Probably one of the biggest benefits of solar panels is that they’re incredibly beneficial for the environment. Many people worry about how to help reduce their impact on the environment, and solar energy is the next step. Solar energy: 


  • Is completely renewable—the sun is a natural resource that we can easily take advantage of. 
  • Is clean—no environmentally-harmful methods are necessary to convert solar energy. 
  • Is usable anywhere—the sun shines everywhere in the world, so solar energy can be utilized regardless of where you are. 

The environmental benefits of solar power cannot be understated; in fact, installing a standard system is about the equivalent of planting over 3000 trees. And, not only is solar power itself incredibly clean, but the panels are, too; the manufacturing process is very low-impact on the environment, and uses environmentally-friendly materials. 

What Other Benefits Are There to Solar Energy?

Of course, green energy is only one of the benefits of solar panels. Other benefits include: 


  • Increased Property Value: Many people love to see that a potential property has solar power already installed. If you invest in solar panels, then you can instantly increase the value of your property, which can be great if you ever plan on selling your building. 
  • Less Expensive Electricity: Standard electricity is, on average, 66% more expensive than solar energy. By investing in solar power, you’ll save on your electric bill. In addition, any excess energy you generate can be sold back to your electrical company, meaning it can help earn you money, too. 
  • Low Maintenance: Solar power systems are generally quite durable and require very little maintenance in order to function properly. Panels installed now are projected to last for the next 30 years, so you can expect to have your system functioning for quite some time to come. 
  • Federal and State Incentives: Both the US and Massachusetts governmental systems want to encourage others to go green. That’s why they offer a number of incentives for installing solar panels, including a 26% Federal Tax Credit, 15% or $1000 Massachusetts Personal Income Tax Credit (whichever is less), and a Five-Year Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (for business owners). 
  • Fast Payoff Times: When you outright purchase a system, you can generally expect a payoff time of between four and six years. 

There are many benefits to installing solar panels. At Harvest Sun Solar, we’re ready to help you enjoy them. If you’re near Tisbury, MA or the surrounding areas, then call us today for more information.


For information on residential installations, please see our Solar Panel Installation Near Martha’s Vineyard, MA.

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