Solar Canopies and Pergolas

Get A Custom-Built Solar Pergola in Vineyard Haven, MA and the Surrounding Areas

Enjoy the beauty and functionality of a solar canopy or a solar pergola in Vineyard Haven, MA. At Harvest Sun Solar, we can custom-build any structure to meet our customers’ unique needs. If you’re in the Edgartown, MA area, then give us a call today to learn more.

Reasons Why a Solar Canopy Is a Practical Solution

Many people prefer to install solar panels on their roof because it’s where they have the most free space. However, there are several instances where installing solar panel shade structures would be more beneficial:


  • There’s lots of shade over your roof. Solar panels, of course, need to be able to get a lot of sunlight in order to work. Lots of shade means less sun, and less power for you, which means that your roof is likely not the most optimal place for your panels. 
  • You don’t have a lot of roof space. Of course, there’s one very obvious reason you might not want to put panels on your roof: you might not have a lot of space there to begin with! Finding somewhere else you can put your panels, therefor, is in your best interests. 
  • Your roof doesn’t have a favorable position towards the sun. Much like with the shade issue, your roof needs to be positioned correctly in order to get as much sunlight as possible. This, of course, isn’t something that’s easily fixed, so if it’s not in a favorable position, you’ll likely want to find somewhere else for your solar panels. 

A Solar Pergola, Solar Canopy, or Other Structure Offers Extra Utility

Knowing you need to put your solar panels somewhere else, however, doesn’t necessarily mean you know where you can put them. Oftentimes, people don’t have a lot of extra space on their property; that’s why they install solar panels on the roof in the first place. The best way to address this problem, then, is to create something that has more than one purpose. That’s where solar pergolas or canopies—come in. These structures are designed to be able to take in solar power while still providing extra utility and taking up less space. For example, a canopy could be placed over your porch, providing shade and protection from rain while still taking in sunlight. Or, you could install a pergola in your garden, and enjoy something that is both amazing and functional.


Harvest Sun Solar is ready to provide you with a solar pergola in Vineyard Haven, MA. We’re ready to help anyone who lives near:


  • Tisbury, MA  
  • Oak Bluffs, MA  
  • Edgartown, MA  
  • West Tisbury, MA  
  • Chilmark, MA  
  • Aquinnah, MA  
  • Chappaquiddick, MA 

Trust us to give you the service you deserve. Call today for more information.


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