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Get Residential Ground Mounted Solar Panels in Vineyard Haven, MA

Are you looking for residential ground-mounted solar panels in Vineyard Haven, MA? Harvest Sun Solar is here to help. Aptly named, ground-mounted solar panels are systems connected to the ground instead of a roof. Although you may be more familiar with a rooftop system, a ground-mounted system also has its benefits. When you hire us, you’ll get top-quality solar panel installation right outside your front door. At Harvest Sun Solar, we have the experience to get you the best ground-mounted solar panel system for your home so that you can see the advantages of solar energy for yourself!

Benefits of Residential Ground Mounted Solar Panels

A ground-mounted system is a great solar panel system for house use if you have the space for it.

Here are a few reasons to choose ground-mounted systems over rooftop for your residential solar panels:

Maximized Sunlight: A ground-mounted system can be put up so that the tilt angle captures the most sunlight throughout the day. A rooftop system stands at the mercy of the angle of your roof. This means that sometimes, not all the sun’s energy is captured by the rooftop system. 


Tracking Mechanism: a ground-mounted solar panel system can increase energy production using a tracking mechanism that rooftop systems do not have. This will keep the PV panels angled toward the sun at all times, allowing you to have more electricity output. So, you can save on electric bills without adding more panels!

How We Can Help

Our team wants everyone to see the beauty of clean energy. This is why we have trained so hard to give top-notch services to our clients. When it comes to residential ground-mounted solar racking systems, we use only top-of-the-line materials to ensure that your solar panels stay in place and last. We offer standard ground mounts or pole mounted systems, depending on which would be more efficient for your home! Call our team in Vineyard Haven, MA, to find out more about our services!

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