How To Do Roof Repairs If You Have Solar Panels In Your Roof

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When people decide to have solar panels installed on the roof of their home or office, the question often arises whether this will not make it significantly more difficult (and expensive) to repair that roof in the future. The good news is that, even if your roof hosts solar panels, it can be repaired if and when needed – and it’s not really that much more difficult to do. Let’s have a closer look at the process.


Before we proceed, there is an important point to remember though. The life span of solar panels is conservatively estimated to be between 25 and 30 years. So when you decide to have solar panels installed and your roof looks like it has been through a world war, the best option would probably be to first have it repaired or replaced before the solar panels are installed.


Why Might Your Roof Need Repairs In Future?


The signs that your roof is no longer what it used to be and urgently needs repairs include the following:


– Shingles that start to cure or buckle

– A couple of asphalt granules or shingles missing here and there

– Water spots start showing up on the ceiling

– Signs of roof rot (a nasty one)

– The flashing has been damaged

– Shingles with bubbles or blisters


Most of these problems have to be addressed asap because they can cause moisture to enter your home, which could in turn cause rot, mold, and decay.


Before you start panicking though, solar panels actually play a positive role in this regard. Since they serve as the first line of defense between the elements and your roof, they will actually make it stay in tip-top condition longer.


Why Repairing A Roof With Solar Panels Is Easier Than You May Think


The majority of the mounting systems used with today’s solar panels are fairly straightforward. Only simple hand tools are needed to affix them to the roof. Why this is good news is that it makes it a lot easier (and quicker) to remove them from the roof than most people think.


Of course, it will take a bit of extra time to remove all the solar panels from the roof before the repairs can start. For the vast majority of solar installers and roofing experts out there, this is not a major additional step and should not significantly increase the time needed to fix the roof.


On top of that, the 2-wire cable that runs from the solar panels to the junction box or inverter can easily be disconnected with the help of a waterproof termination connector. This adds a minuscule amount of time to the removal process. Afterward, the panels should be safely stored while the roof repairs are underway, ready to be re-installed when the job is done.


How Do Solar Panels Affect The Cost Of Roof Repairs?


Let us now take a closer look at what the additional cost impact of having solar panels installed will be when your roof needs to be repaired. In this regard, there is more good news. If one compares the amount that you are going to save on your electricity bill every month for the next 25-30 years (typically around 20%), the additional cost of having these panels removed and replaced in case roof repairs become necessary is fairly insignificant.


Final Thoughts On Roof Repairs Where Solar Panels Are Involved


A lot of what we said above depends on the quality of the work carried out by the original solar panel installer. If they did a good job, removing the solar panels from the roof and replacing them again after the repairs have been carried out will not be much of an issue. To make the whole process even easier we recommend that you use the same solar panel installation firm that initially installed the panels. They will know exactly what to do and when to do it, which will further help to keep costs to a minimum.




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