Day: March 20, 2022

roof replacement in a house with solar panels vineyard ma

How To Do Roof Repairs If You Have Solar Panels In Your Roof

When people decide to have solar panels installed on the roof of their home or office, the question often arises whether this will not make it significantly more difficult (and expensive) to repair that roof in the future. The good news is that, even if your roof hosts solar panels, it can be repaired if

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installed solar panel with long lasting vineyard ma
Solar Technology

Solar Panels: How Long Do They Really Last?

Introduction   Per standard warranties, solar panels generally last for 25 years or more. Of course, it won’t cease to work on the spot but rather decrease efficiency over time. And since solar for residentials are pretty new (the first installments were in the early 2000s), very few people know through experience the potential they

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view of solar panel during the evening vineyard ma
Solar Energy

Solar Power During the Night: What Is Happening?

Introduction   Solar power became popular for its ability to combat climate change by reducing air pollution, water usage, and decreasing reliance on non-renewable sources. As a plus, it saves on electric bills and offers the exciting prospect of becoming self-sufficient.   All you need is the sun, right? Because when you think of solar

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