Do You Know These Seven Fantastic Facts About Solar Panels

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It’s not surprising that ever since solar panels burst into our world, people have seen them as the key to our future. Over time, solar panels have really become a buzzword that people can’t help but ring up when talking about solar energy, but what do we really know about these panels?


Here are seven interesting facts about solar panels:


Solar Power Can Fuel Airplanes

You would not be alone if you are surprised that solar panels can be used to power more than your basic electronic devices. As technology has advanced, we can now use solar panels to power more materials ranging from cars to trains. Yet, it was in 2016, when Bertrand Piccard flew around the world in a solar-powered plane that people really started to see the potential of harnessing the power of the Sun.


The Panels are Older Than You Think

Solar panels can sometimes seem relatively new, but the first solar panel cell was created in 1941 by Russell Ohl. As it turns out, we have known about harnessing the power of the Sun for much longer. More than a century before Ohl created his panel, Alexandre Becquerel discovered the ability to create an electric current from the Sun’s rays in 1846 –– a phenomenon which was named the photovoltaic effect –– effectively giving birth to the world of solar energy.


It is the Fastest Energy Source to Set Up

No energy source can be built or repaired as quickly as solar panels. For this reason, we have often seen it used as the main source of energy after any form of a natural disaster. If we were to rely on fossil fuels or non-renewable energy sources to bring power back to areas of wreckage, it could take months, costing lives in the process.


They can Generate More Electricity in a Day than the U.S. Needs in a Year

If we were to line up the Mojave Desert with an array of solar panels, then they would be able to generate twice as much energy as the United States consumes every year. This amazing feat would not only save the country colossal amounts of money but would also massively improve our carbon footprint.


It is one of the Cheapest Energy Sources to Install in the United States

You may be happy to know that solar prices have continued to fall in the United States. Once, it had cost upwards of $8 per watt to install a solar panel but as renewable energy has become far more accessible and affordable, you can now install a solar panel for as little as $3 per watt. You may also be eligible for the federal solar tax credit subsidy which will make installation even cheaper.

There are Two Main Types of Solar Panels

Although you have only likely seen those distinct blue panels with the white-bordered squares, there are two distinct types of solar panels. Solar PV and Solar Thermal are the main sources of solar that are used around the world, and while they are both based on solar energy, they work quite differently. Solar PV works by sunlight hitting a surface made of special material to create energy while solar thermal uses the power of the sun to heat a fluid which then produces energy.


They Don’t Need Direct Sunlight

Yes, it may be true that direct sunlight has remained the best source of energy for any solar panel, but that does not mean that your panels will stop capturing energy because of a few clouds in the sky. This is because solar panels have been built to capture various parts of the Sun’s light spectrum, so even if the rays are not beaming directly onto the panels, they will still be absorbing some energy to convert to power.



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