Day: March 28, 2021

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Explained: What Does “Net-Zero Emissions” Mean?

The world was placed at a crossroads when it became clear that our actions were harming our planet. It did not take long for our best scientists to let us know that if we did not reach net-zero emissions by around the mid-point of this century, we were going to be in serious trouble, but

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What Are Carbon Offsets?

There are many daily and routine activities that generate carbon dioxide and other greenhouse emissions. While air travel is a major culprit, other activities like driving and using electricity also cause CO2 emissions to spike. The more CO2 you generate, the larger your carbon footprint. In other words, you’ll be using up more of the

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Community Solar Projects

Do You Know These Seven Fantastic Facts About Solar Panels

It’s not surprising that ever since solar panels burst into our world, people have seen them as the key to our future. Over time, solar panels have really become a buzzword that people can’t help but ring up when talking about solar energy, but what do we really know about these panels?   Here are

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