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steps for a more energy efficient home
Solar Technology

4 Steps For A More Energy-Efficient Home

Boosting your home’s energy efficiency doesn’t always mean super expensive upgrades and months of renovations. While you will eventually need to make some major changes, you should at least try to start with the small changes to see how much of an impact they make. Here are some tweaks that you can make to create

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energy conservation techniques that every homeowner can do today
Solar Technology

4 Energy Conservation Techniques That Every Homeowner Can Do Today

Conserving energy at home is not as difficult as it sounds. You can start by changing small habits in your daily life and move on to more thoughtful conservation tips. So what are some of the energy conservation techniques that you can use today?   Lower Your Thermostat   Very few people adjust their thermostats

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making your solar panel setup bird proof
Solar Technology

Making Your Solar Panel Setup Bird-Proof

Climate change endangers 60 percent of Northern American birds. To reverse negative effects like this, many homeowners invest in sustainable resources that positively impact both the climate and wildlife, the most popular being solar energy. However, solar energy devices aren’t without their flaws: every year, 138,000 birds die from colliding with solar panels.   Why Are Birds

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installed solar panel with long lasting vineyard ma
Solar Technology

Solar Panels: How Long Do They Really Last?

Introduction   Per standard warranties, solar panels generally last for 25 years or more. Of course, it won’t cease to work on the spot but rather decrease efficiency over time. And since solar for residentials are pretty new (the first installments were in the early 2000s), very few people know through experience the potential they

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solar panels on orange roof
Solar Energy

Explained: Space-Based Solar Power

As people continue switching to solar energy, scientists continue to find better sources of renewable power. According to scientists, space-based solar power is a development that can provide renewable and environmentally friendly options to the never-ending world energy crisis.   Its Origin The idea of harvesting solar power from space is an idea that has

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space based solar power
Solar Technology

More Than a Dream: Space-Based Solar Power Exploration

It should not be surprising to find that a number of the gadgets and tools that we use today were first conceived on paperback science fiction novels. Yet, from the earphone to virtual reality, a lot of the technology that we use today can find its origins in these books. This is the case for

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commercial solar panels in bushes vinyard haven ma
Community Solar Projects

Do You Know These Seven Fantastic Facts About Solar Panels

It’s not surprising that ever since solar panels burst into our world, people have seen them as the key to our future. Over time, solar panels have really become a buzzword that people can’t help but ring up when talking about solar energy, but what do we really know about these panels?   Here are

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greyscale house

4 Additional Benefits of Residential Solar Panels

The cost of solar power continues to drop as more households are switching to this source of renewable energy. Reaching out to a contractor with a license to install solar panels is an excellent long-term investment for many homeowners. Solar panels are an eco-friendly option, and you will never have to depend on coal, oil,

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