Stay Cool with These Seven Summer Energy Saving Tips

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Summer is a great time of year with days at the beach and long, light evenings to enjoy. It can also be a time of higher energy bills as you attempt to keep the house cool, have the kids at home using electronics, and grapple with more laundry than usual dealing with sweaty, muddy sports clothes and endless beach towels.

There are a few simple things you can do to keep cool, cut costs and be kind to the planet.


  • Be thermostat smart

Icy cold indoor temperatures on a scorching hot day can feel great, but you likely won’t feel that way when you get your energy bill. Set your thermostat a little higher, you’ll still feel the benefits and, and open the windows at night.

Installing a programmable or smart thermostat can be used to increase savings. It automatically manages the temperature of your home, making the necessary adjustments to suit the time of day.


  • Keep things breezy

While the ac is naturally your go-to when looking to cool down, next time you’re feeling a little hot and bothered, you might consider reaching for a fan instead. You’ll be surprised at just how effective they can be – and at a fraction of the cost.

Ceiling fans are great for cooling entire rooms and could allow you to raise your thermostat by as much as four degrees without feeling the heat. Just don’t forget to turn the fans off when you leave the room.


  • Shut out the sun

Making the most of the sun doesn’t mean you should have it streaming through your windows all day long. Even a few rays at the hottest part of the day can quickly turn a pleasantly cool space into a sauna.

Closing your blinds or drapes can help keep things cool, alternatively a few well-placed plants inside and trees in the garden can keep your rooms nicely shaded and give your ac a break.


  • Switch to LED

Blocking out the sun to keep things cool may mean that you are switching on lights to compensate for the lack of light. However, regular light bulbs turn around 90% of the energy they use directly into heat, drastically reducing the benefits.

Replace your regular lightbulbs with LED, which operate at a lower wattage and produce less heat. They also use around 75% less energy than traditional bulbs and last much longer too.


  • Cook alfresco

Of all the heating appliances in the kitchen, the oven is the one that both uses the most energy and creates the most external heat. When the weather is warm, the whole house can quickly become unbearably hot.

Reduce costs and keep things cool by opting to microwave instead. This uses around a third of the energy of the oven. Another idea is to fire up the BBQ, invite your friends around and make an evening of it.


  • Turn the temperature down

Reducing the water temperature when you are showering can also lead to big savings. There’s nothing better than a cool shower on a hot day to help you feel awake and refreshed.

Doing the same with washing your clothes can further boost savings. Washing machines use quite a lot of energy in heating the water. With the right kind of detergent, you could get just a good a clean at much cooler temperatures.


  • Head Outside

It goes without saying that the very best way you can save energy usage in your home is to not be there at all.

So grab your family, turn off the TV, computer, lights and air conditioning and go make the most of those beautifully sunny days and wonderfully warm evenings.


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