Now you can have a solar energy system without the typical, bulkier look & feel of traditional PV Solar Panels

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Isn’t it nice when the solar blends with the architecture? 

A traditional solar energy system is made up of PV Solar Panel Arrays that are mounted on a roof-mounted racking system to hold your solar panels in place and at the optimal angle towards the sun, giving your solar energy system maximum performance. 


These traditional solar panels that make up strings, also called “arrays,” vary in sizes, colors and energy ratings. No matter what combination of these variables, traditional solar energy systems are always noticeable on your house. 




There’s a new company on the map that is changing the look of solar… and it’s awesome! 

Sistine Solar®, founded by Senthil Balasubramanian & Ido Salama, who met as grad students at the famed, MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, started on a mission to change the world with renewable energy & elegant design that captures peoples hearts & minds and encouraging people to make the switch to solar & other clean energy alternatives. 


With Sistine Solar’s power-packed team & dedication to stunning design, solar energy systems are getting a makeover 

Using solar energy tiles/shingles, or traditional PV Solar Panels, with sun-friendly, custom-made graphics, your new or existing solar energy system will all but disappear from your home or business. These high-quality graphics can be custom made to match your existing roofs aesthetics which make your system almost unnoticeable to people passing by… and if they do notice… they’ll most-likely be impressed! 


Sistine Solar’s SolarSkin™ Technology is also giving businesses new ways to advertise… 

Imagine your business, or nonprofit, having a solar energy system that not only saves your business/organization a bunch of money on electricity, but also serves as a billboard for your business… with Sistine Solar’s SolarSkin™ on your buisiness’ roof-mounted or ground-mounted solar energy system, your brand will be seen by everyone in your area… even from the air as travelers come to-and-from your area! The advertising alone could be invaluable to your business! 

Harvest Sun Solar is proud to have partnered up with Sistine Solar®, becoming certified installers of their SolarSkin™ technology. If you’re interested and would like to know how we can transform your new or existing solar energy system into a aesthetically beautiful creation, please contact us today! 


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