Must Read: How to Avoid Solar Panel Scammers

Must Read How to Avoid Solar Panel Scammers

Have you noticed that just when you want to do a positive thing ꟷ protect the environment, support a worthy cause, or lend a hand ꟷ you’re suddenly struck with the support you need to do so? Likewise, have you ever noticed that as the idea comes to fruition, you can be hit with an array of not-so-positive influences as well? Unfortunately, there can be blocks when you want to do a good thing. Installing solar panels for your home or family is that kind of positive. It lets you economize for a better future while helping reduce waste. We’ve offers some general tips to help you avoid disappointment when shopping for solar panel installation.

  1. Trust Your Gut.
    The “gut” response — that deep-down emotional response — can be a clue regarding who to trust. The solar panel industry is an arena in which to consider that inner feeling. Why? The industry is still relatively new. While many people who work in the field have good qualifications under the belt, other professionals might have taken up the job as a side gig to complement other home development or contracting businesses. Such people might be well-intentioned but have overlooked just how much knowledge is needed to complete a super job. Further, since there is an excitement generated regarding this pro-environmental industry, there could be shops that charge an arm and a leg. So, if you have that feeling that something is wrong with the offer, check the facts: Compare prices and qualifications against those of other companies and ask for references to back up their expertise.
  2. Develop a Relationship.
    Imagine you have just started a family and purchased a new home, or you are retired, and you cherish the home you lived in all your life. If you had your roof redone on your home, you would certainly desire a good and honest relationship with the contractors! Solar panel work can have an impact on your home over time. Take the time to develop a strong and trustworthy relationship with the company you opt for. Note that some companies use outside contractors for installation or electrical work. You can go with this option if you have faith in the company, but it’s also an option to seek a company that provides an “all-in-one” package and oversees the quality of every aspect of the job. At the very least, if the company does use external contractors, check that there is a warranty on every aspect of the work, from the purchase of the product to installation and ongoing maintenance.
  3. Check Credentials.
    As solar panel companies have become more popular, there are particular regulatory credentials you can look for to help you ensure legitimacy. Basic credentials include the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners’ Solar PV Installation Professional Certification. Also, the company and laborers should have years of experience under their belt. There may be industry workers who gained experience before the 2002 establishment of the NABCEP; therefore, not holding certification does not necessarily disqualify such companies as “scammers.” Nonetheless, as a general rule of thumb, certification can offer peace of mind. Further, the company you work with and the individual professionals should have reliable, updated licenses in their respective fields, such as electrical work, contracting, and so on. Each should have insurance in case anything goes wrong and general liability insurance at the very least. You should opt for your own insurance and money-back guarantees on the service and products you choose, ideally covering you for ten years.

As you enter this exciting home development stage which can enhance your quality of living preserve the environment, continue to stay informed. Look into various options as to who to hire and what to purchase. Work on establishing trust with your hires, and check for credentials and insurance policies on every aspect and professional. Proceeding responsibly step-by-step will help protect you from mistakes so you can actualize your good intentions and enjoy the home of your dreams.


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