Going Even Greener: 7 Ways To Make Your Solar Energy Go Further

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Anyone interested in reducing their carbon footprint knows that making the switch to solar energy is one of the best things you can do for the planet. Here are 7 little changes you can make to your daily lifestyle to make your solar energy go even further. 


Lower Thermostat In Winter Slightly 

Sure, it’s tempting to keep the house nice and warm throughout the colder months, but lowering the temperature a bit creates enormous savings over time. While adjusting the thermostat a few degrees may seem like a small change, it is one that adds up to hefty savings when you zoom out and consider any significant period. 


Seal Windows 

Windows are well known for not sealing properly and letting air enter and exit your home. These kinds of leaks have huge consequences for anyone who’s looking to make the most of their solar energy as your heating or cooling systems have to work harder to make up for the thermal transfer. Thankfully you can buy simple window seals from most home improvement stores without breaking the bank that will fix the issue entirely. 


Replace Incandescent Bulbs 

Even though there is lots of talk about replacing old light bulbs, it’s shocking how many people still have not made the switch. By this point, it’s common knowledge that incandescent bulbs are quite wasteful in the way they generate light for your home. Instead, you should use modern LED bulbs that conserve lots of energy. You can buy bulbs for cheap, or check to see if your power company offers complimentary energy-saving bulbs for customers, as many of them do. 


Turn Devices Off At the Plug (Don’t Use Standby) 

In an attempt to make using your devices easier, many modern electronics use standby power. Many people don’t realize that even though the device looks like it’s powered off, the device is actually still using a significant amount of energy even when it’s not turned on. Think about the small red light on your television or printer. 


As it turns out, standby power is costing you on your monthly energy consumption. Rather than allowing your devices to use these small bits of energy that add up, you should turn your devices off at the plug. Just as you wouldn’t leave the stove on when you’re not using it, you should also turn off all your devices to ensure maximum energy efficiency. 


Improve Attic Insulation 

Your attic plays a key role in moderating the temperature of your home. Sadly, most attics are quite inefficient, and as a result, they end up costing homeowners lots of money. Improve your insulation and you’ll notice significant energy savings that add up. 


Tune-Up Your HVAC System 

Stick to a regular schedule and have a professional HVAC specialist inspect your system. A well-functioning HVAC system keeps your home’s temperature consistent with your thermostat and also uses less energy. Something as seemingly minuscule as a dirty filter can lead to an overworked system and may even allow harmful particles to pass in and out of your home’s air. 


Get A Professional Energy Audit 

A professional energy audit is a great way to get a more accurate picture of your energy usage habits. An audit looks at everything from your insulation to your appliances to provide a snapshot of your consumption patterns. Working from an established baseline, you’re able to enact changes that lead to both instant and sustainable savings. 

Making the most out of your solar energy is a process requiring constant care and attention. But once you start to see the positive results of your lifestyle changes, you’ll be more motivated than ever before to continue. Stick to these simple tips to make your solar energy go even further. 


If you live in Massachusetts and you’re interested in getting an energy audit, please visit MassSave.com. 


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