5 Misconceptions About Solar Power

5 misconceptions about solar power

Tapping into solar power is now more popular than ever. This isn’t surprising, given that investing in solar offers many benefits. However, solar power could even be more popular than now if it were not for a considerable number of solar energy misconceptions.


Read on to find out more about these misconceptions, so you can bust them and make an informed decision.


Solar Power Is An Expensive Investment


Solar power is hardly expensive if you look at the bigger picture. Although there’s indeed a substantial initial investment to make, this pays for itself over time. Electric bills generally make up a big portion of household expenses. So, even a slight reduction in energy bills translates to significant savings in the long term.


The good news is you can take advantage of various financing options. These allow you to spread the costs and reap the benefits of solar power sooner rather than later. In addition, you may also have access to incentives that help to offset the costs.


Solar Power Is Unreliable When It Gets Cloudy


It makes sense if you’re hesitant to sink money into a project that’s at the mercy of weather conditions. So you’ll be pleased to know that it’s possible to harness solar power even in cloudy or cooler weather. Keep in mind that solar panels convert the sun’s energy, not its temperature.


In fact, it’s easier to harness solar power in cooler conditions than when it’s warmer because that’s when efficiency increases. On days when the rate of energy production is lower, net metering allows you to use any solar credits you may have previously generated. This keeps your energy bill consistent from month to month.


Solar Power Technology Is Still Catching Up


Are you thinking of taking a backseat and waiting until technology increases the efficiency of current solar panels? After all, waiting longer might mean getting more value for your money. The truth is, the technology behind solar panels is already impressive.


Today, solar panel efficiency rates are quite cost-effective and can provide sufficient power to meet your energy needs. Waiting only means you’re missing out on plenty of savings and benefits.


Solar Power Is Demanding


Solar panels are relatively low maintenance, so you won’t have to take too much time out of your schedule to keep them in good condition. All you have to do is clean them periodically, so that dirt, leaves, and debris don’t accumulate.


Routine cleaning is essential because dust and dirt can lower the efficiency of your solar panels. It’s only on rare occasions that your solar panels may require extensive maintenance, such as when the efficiency decreases.


Solar Power Isn’t Good For Your Roof or Home


Solar panels do more good than bad for your roof or home. They increase your roof’s lifespan by shielding it from harsh elements. These days, solar panel installation doesn’t have to leave your roof riddled with holes or ugly wires visible for all to see.


On the contrary, solar panels are a plus for home buyers looking to save on energy bills. Therefore they can boost your home’s value.


Solar Power Doesn’t Offer Any Aesthetic Benefits


If ever there’s one objection to solar panels that most people have, they are not aesthetically pleasing. In most instances, they are referring to how conspicuous solar panels are. But given how the concept of clean energy is catching on, it has become trendy to install solar panels.


Besides, most manufacturers now focus on discreet designs, so the solar panels can be installed smartly without hurting your home’s curb appeal.


Don’t let these misconceptions stop you from going solar! Now that the record has been set straight, nothing is stopping you from exploring your solar energy options. You can expect benefits such as reduced electricity bills, improved home value, and the potential for tax credits and rebates, all of which make solar a worthwhile investment.


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