Day: November 6, 2020

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Community Solar Projects

Explained: Do Solar Panels Increase A Properties Value?

If you own a home, you have probably got a long list of potential home improvements. Your partner might want a new bathroom, but you could perhaps prefer to spend that money on a swimming pool. If your elec-tricity bill is becoming a problem, or if you would love to do something for environmental protection,

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What Is Personal Energy Independence

Personal Energy Independence refers to the process by which an individual or legal entity makes themselves no longer dependent upon the energy produced by the Energy Industry. Personal Energy Independence is extremely popular in large economically stable countries such as the United States where resource abundance makes the concept of energy independence an attainable goal.

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Solar Energy

The Sun: 8 Interesting Facts About Everyone’s Favorite Star

If you think our ancestors were primitive to worship the sun, think again. Without this huge star, there would most likely not be any life on earth. There would certainly be no plants, which form an important source of nourishment for animal life. But apart from the fact that it’s bright, big, and hot what

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