Solar for Nonprofits

Harvest Sun Solar provides nonprofit, 501(c)(3), organizations with a very affordable and easy way to make the switch to solar while saving them an overall of 15% on costs on solar systems that are no-less than 50kW’s. For nonprofits, we provide a ground-mount solar energy system, or roof-mount (for larger facilities) using the most premium solar panels & other system components that are highly rated without killing your budget.

collective-sun-logoWe are partners with CollectiveSun, the only company in America that exclusively helps nonprofits fund solar projects. Our partnership with CollectiveSun is what allows us to save you 15% for your nonprofits new solar energy project.

Here are five different ways in which to finance/pay for your nonprofit organizations solar energy system:

  1. Loan Providers -Existing banking relations (and/or mortgage provider) -Program Related Investment Loans (PRI’s) -Nonprofit Specialty Lenders
  2. Donations
  3. PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy)
  4. Reserves (Cash)
  5. Crowd-Lending (handled by CollectiveSun!)

With CollectiveSun being the only company with an SPA (Solar Power Agreement), which is a different approach than a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), so we are able to save you 15% on your solar projects overall cost.

If you would like to know more about Harvest Sun Solar’s nonprofit solar services, please fill out the form on the right and we will gladly walk you through the entire process so you can see how powerful solar energy will be for you & your nonprofit organization!

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