Why Does Almost Everyone Choose Solar Power Over Wind Power?

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A growing number of eco-conscious households are turning towards renewable energy sources for powering their homes. There are a number of advantages to choosing to do so, for instance, installing a renewable energy system is a great way of making savings on your energy bills while reducing your impact on the planet. 


Two of the more popular choices are solar panels and wind turbines. Both boast considerable benefits. However, at first glance, wind power, which is the largest source of renewable energy in the United States, seems to have the advantage. 


The principle benefit of wind over solar power for your home is that wind turbines do not depend on sunlight. This means that they are able to generate power 24 hours a day, whereas, of course, solar panels can only generate power during sunlight hours. 


Moreover, wind power is considered more efficient than solar power as it releases less carbon dioxide and produces more energy. A single turbine can generate the same amount of energy as thousands of solar panels. This means that in general wind power is a useful tool for commercial use where they will be looking to source more considerable amounts of energy from reliable renewables 


However, this doesn’t make wind power a clear overall winner, especially in terms of residential properties. In fact, there are several disadvantages to wind power over solar power in that respect, and many of them are down to the turbines required to create the energy. 


Firstly, a wind turbine for residential use would need to be approximately 80 feet tall, and in the path of some strong winds to produce power efficiently – professionals recommend places with wind speeds that average at least 12 miles per hour. In addition to this, the turbine would need to be set away from trees and other tall buildings that would otherwise serve to disrupt the flow of the wind. 


So, if you live in a rural, windy area with lots of open space and few obstructions, then installing wind turbines at your property would be an excellent option for energy production. However, if you live in close proximity to others, they might frown upon having such an eyesore within view of their property. They may also be annoyed with the amount of noise it makes while in use or the problems that it causes to the local environment and wildlife, especially the bird population. 

In addition to this, the cost of wind power could end up being considerably higher. While wind and solar systems are pretty much on par when it comes to initial set up costs, wind turbines with their moveable machinery require a lot more ongoing specialized maintenance than solar panels. Furthermore, as they are unlikely to be situated close to the property because of the difficulties faced with finding a suitable place for the turbine, you have to additionally factor in the cost of transportation of the energy generated. 


In contrast, solar panels are an incredibly versatile option. They can be placed on practically any rooftop, or even on the ground, and produce enough power to meet the majority of residential electricity needs. Moreover, they require very little in the way of maintenance and, since they lack moving parts, they are likely to last for much longer than a wind turbine would. 


All in all, as renewable energy sources, both solar and wind power have distinct benefits over traditional power sources. However, while wind power systems may offer advantages to commercial properties in terms of power outlay, for residential property owners, solar power systems are preferred due to their flexibility of use and lower ongoing costs. 


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