Why do we need your electric bill?

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Your  personal electric bill contains all the information needed to go from having a general idea of what your savings  should be, and instead into knowing very accurately what your specific savings will be!

Why it’s needed and what’s done with it.

1. It tells how much electricity you use in a year. Thus, the size of the system needed is determined.

2. It tells the cost of that electricity you use. Thus, the value of that electricity replaced with your own solar generated electricity is determined.

3. It tells the address. Thus, geographic location allows reference to very specific local weather data. This also allows mapping of the site and roof and yard from satellite images to assess and determine what size of system can be installed and its orientation towards the sun.Then the electricity generated by this size solar installation can be very accurately determined. Additionally, state and local incentives are determined from address. Thus, all local state and federal rebates will be known so that final price of installed system can be determined.


[/vc_column_text][fp_section_title title=”This is your key for an accurate savings estimate for having a Solar Power System installed for your home or business”][vc_column_text]How much electricity you use and pay for in a year, how much of that electricity will be replaced by your solar system, how much that will save you in dollars, what the system will cost, what the system will cost after government incentives, and how much additional cash will be generated through the sale of SREC’s (clean energy credits). This generates a very accurate model of your payoff time and savings versus costs now and over the next 30 years. Very accurate very dependable proven results.We can’t stress this enough; with very little effort on your part, very simple, very easy you can know to a very highly accurate degree just how much money a solar system will save for you and produce for you. It is just a matter of getting your electric bill to someone, we’d like that someone to be us!

Scan, fax, email, insert into our form, copy it and mail it, take pictures of it with your phone and text it to us at: (508) 560-5035.

Anyway you can get it to us, we will do everything we can to give you the answers you seek, and the proper pricing and service that all people deserve.

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