Solar Installations by Harvest Sun Solar

Buy your optimized solar system up-front and own your own clean energy source from day one.

Harvest Sun Solar covers solar panel and system installation, roof warranty, and energy monitoring set up. Any benefits from available solar tax credits go straight to you!

Invest in the cost of the solar system and save over time. Our loan partners can present you with a zero-dollar down payment, with monthly payments lower than what you currently pay for your monthly electric bill… so your savings begin right away! Again, Harvest Sun Solar covers all set-up, from solar panel and solar system installation and permitting charges, provides all warranties on installation, materials and roof.

Real-time solar system production monitoring

We give you the ability to monitor your energy savings went by minute, hour by hour when you’re smart phone or home computer! We also assess whether we can redesign an existing system to also allow monitoring of each and every individual panel! It’s a wonderful ability, ( one we provide in all our newly designed systems ) , gives the ability to have confidence that all parts of the system are producing as they should, and or to diagnose very specifically if one or more solar panels are below standard!

System expansion for existing systems

We assess existing needs and benefits and present a cost analysis of what an expansion in production would do for you. Basically were looking for an economic sweet spot for you to take advantage of. The economics of solar have become so advantageous that it is quite often a simple matter to expand a system with some of the new state-of-the-art equipment and make yourself some money.

The following are some examples of what might apply:

  • micro-inverters
  • PV optimizers
  • wiring sizes
  • eliminating ground fault losses
  • higher efficiency inverters & proper sizing of such
  • panel top glass restoration & brushing
  • re-installation of wiring connections

Blackout protection & battery-backups

(stand-alone or off grid ability) Sometimes it seems a shame that we produce our own power so wonderfully self-contained, yet we are still dependent on the grid. Power goes out from the electric company and we are still left without power despite our panels! Reason for this is because the electric power company is acting as our battery. Reason for this is economics, saves us having to buy batteries!

We will show you an efficient way around this that will allow you to have some off grid ability at a good economic price point. The use of state-of-the-art batteries and efficient design.

All of this, this is our job, we do it well, we are always seeking the economic solution for our customers, and we keep our costs and markups significantly lower than our competition to better give you the ability to take advantage of these savings. We will see you and your children in a better position monetarily. The fact that we are cleaning up the world also is a sweet bonus!

All benefits from available tax credits go straight to you!

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