Our Solar Installation Process

The solar system installation process is simple, straightforward &understandable.

Contact us. All we require from you is your latest electric bill! (Why do we need your electric bill?) You just wait for an email which will accurately estimate your expected full cost and savings!

With your electric bill in hand… We are able to derive your power usage per year and its cost. Then we use satellite images to estimate the size of your most optimal roof areas and their azimuth, (orientation towards the sun). At this time, we also check for shading, both temporary and permanent. From this we can size a solar power system which is optimal for your home/business and energy requirements. We now take your proposed solar system and compute its maximum output. The maximum output for the system is then acted upon by a coefficient derived from local weather data for your area. Out pops a highly accurate estimate of solar power production specific to your local micro-climate and roof orientation!

Since we now know what your proposed solar system will produce per year and what you would pay to your electric company for that same amount of power, we can do very accurate economic projections of your savings with solar. We determine the full cost of the solar system, then the full cost of the solar system after federal, state and local government solar incentives, and then do the economic projections brought about by electricity savings and the sale of your state issued solar energy credits.

We email you the information. The proposed solar system, it’s cost to you, and your expected savings. We also send along much of the relevant data which we formulated the projections from. The costs and savings of course is rather straightforward. Other projections and savings are formulated with their validity also being, to a high degree, self evident. It’s a nice, streamlined system.

We will follow up with you… Only at this time do we necessarily ask for your involvement again! Though a lot of this is self-explanatory, there are a few details that need to be explained in order for you to see their full benefits. At this time, we ask that you let us know a good time to call you for a consultation, or if you’d prefer, we can figure out a date and time that works best for you and have an in-person consultation.

We will show you the facts. If your cost versus savings is like most of our customers. A typical payoff time for the entire cost of your solar system is between four and six years! From that point, you’re looking at another 25 years of free electricity from a very low to no maintenance system. You will see that you’re presented with an undeniably beneficial and necessary resource for your present and future energy needs.

You decide! You decide if solar energy is right for you, then we set up an on-site visit with you. You will either meet with the owner or one of our solar power specialists (who are in constant communication with, or directly leading the installation team that will actually do the work!) We always do our utmost to avoid “salesmanship.” We have found that “sales” professionals at the one-on-one customer relationship are unnecessary and counterproductive. The economics is our salesman, our job is simply to explain and verify and/or show you how to verify the facts and benefits of switching to solar power energy.

On-site visit verification. The purpose of meeting on-site is also to take more exacting measurements of roof surfaces we will be using, verify the integrity of the roof surface and the structural frame. We also determine the exact pitch of the roof. This allows us to move beyond our original conservative numbers and often offer increased solar power production and solar system design. More savings and more value! This also allows us to insert these exacting numbers into our original economic data projections. The resulting projection of savings and cash produced now becomes reliable to about 95%!

Final proposal and cost presented to you. You choose whether to buy your solar system up-front and take advantage of a short payoff time. Or, if you find financing preferable we have lending partners available to you. And there are also several other “solar loan vehicles” available on the open market.

Down payment and scheduling. Upon your acceptance of the proposal and our receiving of your down payment, we schedule  a starting date for your project, order the materials for arrival at that time, and we get busy behind-the-scenes, qualifying you for all of your incentives, setting up your future SREC”s account then obtain the necessary permits from your local building department. Scheduling has to account for the availability of materials, time to process them and ship them. Also the lag time involved in permitting. A Safe estimation of time to complete your project is four-months. Though we expect many of our jobs to be done in less than two-months after reaching  an agreement. (Industry standard is accepted as being over five months.)

We meet the materials on-site as scheduled or, with your notice, prior to that date. Size of the solar system dictates length of time spent on the roof installing anywhere from 1 to 3 days, rarely longer. As we finish on your roof our electricians continue on with the “balance of system” down at your electric meter. Our electricians finish their work shortly after, and permits are signed off.

Coordinate with electrical company then you enjoy having a meter that spins backwards! We also show you how to use your solar production monitoring system on your smart device or computer. Real-world, real-time data. Watch your savings pile up!

Are you looking into a solar energy system for your home or business?

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