Save Your Energy and Money with LED Lighting

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Energy efficiency has been on the rise in the past decades to reverse the effects of climate change. So much so that governments around the world are offering effective incentives to their citizens who utilize energy-saving products like solar panels and LED bulbs. Soon, the momentum fosters expectations for renewable energy to lead the world energy market. You can participate in the movement yourself by starting your energy-saving journey using LED lighting.


What is LED Lighting?


LED, also known as a light-emitting diode, is a popular replacement for incandescent bulbs for being more effective. On the authority of Energy Star, a government-backed website offering energy-related information, LEDs – bulbs specifically – use microchips that create visible light, an innovative mechanism to harness and save electricity.


They are most interesting for the intelligent way in which it diverts heat, which was a problem with incandescent bulbs. The heat in LEDs pool into “heat sinks” and are released into the surrounding environment to prevent burnout and from feeling hot to the touch.


Benefits of LED Lighting


CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp), and incandescent lighting are popular forms of light alongside LED lighting. CFL is another type of energy-efficient device meant to replace incandescent lights. So why is incandescent lighting considered worse? Well, they generate heat more than they do light, so bulbs burn out quicker. Because of their poor manipulation of heat, they are considered the least efficient among modern lights. LED bulbs are often praised for the following reasons:



Finding the Best LEDs for Your Home


So which is best for you? Depending on what you need, whether it’s to hang holiday lights, to charge your solar panels, or to wrap around your furniture, LED lights can come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and forms. But most importantly, you need to pay attention to certain aspects to get the most out of saving energy and money.


Heat Sinks 


The best LEDs properly regulate their thermal temperatures. In fact, “the higher the temperature at which the LEDs are operated, the more quickly the light will degrade, and the shorter the useful life will be,” according to Energy Star.


This means paying attention to heat sink designs, especially if you’re particular about the kinds of lights being installed in your home. In fact, it may require a professional’s opinion. However, heat sinks are best for high-powered LEDs over 350mA. If you’re replacing a bike light, for example, it can easily be cooled while riding.




LED lights need to be diffused so certain materials will work best while others won’t. LED lights use plastics like acrylic and polycarbonate to do so. Of course, they will have their advantages and disadvantages. Acrylic LED lights, for example, can withstand UV exposure so they’re great for direct sun exposure and prolonged use as outdoor lighting.


Polycarbonate, on the other hand, is water-resistant and crack resistant. This is great for the professional installation of customized lighting fixtures in the home. Other plastic types include PMMI and silicone resins. You are likelier to find all these options and more in home improvement stores or under “materials” in online retail store descriptions.


Shapes and Sizes


Incandescent lightbulbs are paired with built-in fixtures in the home. Since most home fixtures are compatible with incandescent bulbs, LED manufacturers often create shapes and sizes to fit those fixtures. After all, it would be a pain to replace the fixture itself.


However, many homes have LED fixtures, so how can you tell? Some LED fixtures are hardwired in, meaning there’s no bulb to replace at all. In that case, you will need to contact professionals that work specifically to replace in-home strip LED lights, for example. Still, you can find plenty of LED bulbs for incandescent-made chandeliers and other light fixtures.



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