O&M on a typical residential solar system: How’s it work?

Solar System Control Panel Sized 1019x675 1

The Inverters:
Most solar power inverters have a warranty that is for 12 years (and usually extendable.) However, their life expectancy is more like 15-years. Inverters should be significantly less expensive in the future and we have done these switch-outs, and they are inexpensive even now. 


The Solar Panels:
Solar modules/panels are warranted for 25 years along with the electronics mounted with them. The solar panels and their electronics have an extremely low rate of failure, otherwise, every manufacturer in the industry would be out of business in a short time. 


The True Durability of Solar:
Now 35 years later, enough time has passed to look at the original solar modules ever made… and they’re still functioning extremely well for the most part. This is well before all of the advances that have been put in place since then. Many of these advances have been intending to limit degradation over time. 


Any damage that takes a long time to repair is unlikely. Foremost because every single module is monitored individually in real-time. Therefore, you will not find out months later that parts of your system have not been functioning, maybe during a wonderful summer or such. 


You will have access to your systems monitoring on your computer or phone, as will the solar installer. There’s really not an incident that would take long to determine, source and receive materials, and repair. 


Solar is a great investment and easy to maintain and troubleshoot if something does go awry. You can expect your solar system to last well beyond the manufacturers’ recommended life expectancy and continue to power your home or business for years to come. 


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