How the solar power system installation process works

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Provide us with your basic information: 

Contact us to provide us with some basic information to get started. Your name, email, the physical address of the location you’re looking into solar for. 


Your Electric Bill: 

It would also be very helpful if you can send us a picture or scan of the front and backside of a recent electric bill. This helps us design and propose a system that suits your needs based on your utility usage. 


Preliminary Measurements: 

We then will take a look at your location via GoogleEarth to get some idea of your roof dimensions and orientation to the sun. 


If your roof is simple without obstructions and easy to get dimensions from GoogleEarth then we can provide you with a preliminary proposal that usually ends up being the final, ideal design. 


Site Visits: 

With trickier roofs, we would come out to your location and take hand measurements as well as shading data using our poweful SunEye tool that will tell us exactly what shading will impact the performance of your proposed system and if any tree work will need to occur. 


 Ground-Mount Solar Power Systems: 

Keep in mind, we also install ground-mount solar systems so if your roof doesn’t work and you have some space on your property, we can always see if a ground-mount system will be a viable option for you. 


Solar Canopy/Pergola: 

If you’re interested in having a custom-built canopy/pergola installed on your property, they are quite suitable to put solar on top of. They not only provide shade for you during the hotter months but also provide a great platform for us to install solar on. This is another great option for those who aren’t able to or wanting to have a solar power system on their roof. 


The Proposal: 

Once we have all of the data we need, we will work up a proposal for you, complete with a 3D rendering of the proposed solar system so you can see the visual impact of it on your actual roof. 


You will see how simple it is to make the switch to solar and how your proposed solar power system will benefit you, including how much money it will save you! 


If you would like us to get you some answers about making the switch to solar, please click the button below. 


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