Custom Solar Canopy & Solar Pergola’s by Harvest Sun Solar in Vineyard Haven, Oak Bluffs & Chilmark, MA

Your solar canopy, pergola, or structure will be custom designed and built by Harvest Sun Solar and we guarantee you the most cost effective solar energy solutions for your needs.

Let the government help pay for your dual use, solar canopy / pergola, structure, 30% off applied to the design, site work, concrete and peers, frame, roof/solar array, and all solar system components. We will meet your needs from absolutely beautiful to just utilitarian, we do it all. we are uniquely equipped with the in-house design and construction experience.

A Note on Harvest Sun Solar…

We are a company with a 20 year track record of designing and building custom spaces, all our carpentry is exceptional, well-thought-out and in-house as it always has been. Expect your system to pay for itself in 5 to 6 years! Do You want a free pergola or utility shed?

A big-time discount on a solar power system with an average 20% return-on-investment?

Solar is the most lucrative investment one can make! And consider this… The amount of carbon removed from the environment would be equivalent to you procuring a space and planting 3,000 trees and nurturing them to maturity! Imagine, 3,000 – 30 year old trees, this is the impact for the positive you and your system creates. BIPV, building integrated PV, (photovoltaic) flying solar wings, fine finish work is available, utilitarian is available, landscape design and installation, solar self-regulating, self purifying water features, the solar component of the system is completely all-inclusive, turnkey. Harvest Sun Solar is the number one provider due to our design, general contracting and expert carpentry experience. Why lose your yard with a ground mount, when our solar canopy or pergola will serve the same purpose and also provide you with a beautiful garden seating area. And since the frame is considered to be a part of the solar system, you get the added benefit from the federal government of 30% of the cost also.

Are you looking into a solar energy system for your home or business?

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