Day: May 30, 2021

showdown solar energy vs hydroelectric energy
Solar Energy

Showdown: Solar Energy Vs. Hydroelectric Energy

Hydro and solar technologies are two tried and tested types of renewable energy. Both these technologies provide significant benefits to the environment compared to fossil fuels to generate energy. However, each of them also has its potential drawbacks.  In this article, we compare solar energy and hydroelectric energy in terms of cost, availability, environmental impact

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showdown solar power vs geothermal energy
Solar Energy

Showdown: Solar Power vs. Geothermal Energy

If you ask most people what “green” energy options they have come across or would like to install in the future, most will likely list solar power right off the bat, and for a good reason. Solar has become highly popular, and some people even think it is the only green energy option. However, there

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explained what is passive solar home design
Solar Energy

Explained: What Is Passive Solar Home Design?

Passive solar design uses energy from the sun to heat and cool living spaces by exposing them to the sun. Three things can happen when the sun hits a building. Building materials can either reflect, transmit, or absorb energy. Apart from that, the sun produces heat which causes air to move within living spaces. Understanding

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space based solar power
Solar Technology

More Than a Dream: Space-Based Solar Power Exploration

It should not be surprising to find that a number of the gadgets and tools that we use today were first conceived on paperback science fiction novels. Yet, from the earphone to virtual reality, a lot of the technology that we use today can find its origins in these books. This is the case for

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